Monday, February 11, 2008

Red Hat, Ubuntu top vendor's usage study

Okay, I am going to take a break from political posts for a while since I have probably been over the top again. I really am sorry. I will remove any post I am asked to.

I other news, Ubuntu is catching up with Red Hat. From the Washington Post:
Among Linux operating systems, usage of Ubuntu and Red Hat stood at 35 percent and 23 percent, respectively, according to the survey... Suse Enterprise collectively garnered 13 percent.
The reason this is such news is the above study was done for Enterprise usage. For several years, Red Hat and Novell's Suse have dominated Enterprise computing. But companies, using open source software, bring in hundreds of millions in revenue each year.

Ubuntu has been only around for a few years, and may have already surpassed Novell's Suse in the Enterprise sector! To me, this is amazing. I would have never guessed it would happen so quickly! Not too long ago, like 6 months ago, all the experts were saying things like: "sure Ubuntu is nice for installing on a home PC, but it will never be on the same footing as Red Hat/Novell for Enterprise use."

Well my friends, think again! Ubuntu is taking the Linux world by storm. I still predict it is a couple years away before it will begin to take the rest of computing by storm. But in a couple years, watch out. Things won't turn upsidedown over night, but I think Microsoft and Apple will be a little surprised by the future competition as the years go on.

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