Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More on Ubuntu's Enterprise Growth

Really quick. I mentioned yesterday that Ubuntu's enterprise growth shocked me. Get this:
Alfresco continued to survey users over the course of the year, and by December last year had gathered data from 35,000 respondents. Compared with the first sample,...: Ubuntu's market share had increased 1% to 23%.

Ubuntu went from 1% of the market share to 23% of the market share in one year!

More from Fox News:
Operating system: "Users evaluate on a Windows laptop and deploy on Linux" - 41% of evaluations were on Windows, dropping to 26% for deployments, whereas 51% of deployments were on Linux.
These are enterprise statistics of course. Ie.. Operating Systems used for businesses and stuff.

Now, of course, this is one survey that monitors 35,000 companies. Still, the study probably paints a fairly clear picture of what is going on.

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