Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine's Gift: A String Theory Book!

Esther today gave me a great surprise: the new string theory book by Becker, Becker and Schwarz: String Theory and M-theory, A Modern Introduction.

The book is fantasitic. As the introduction says: it seems more like an introduction and briefer than the Green/Schwarz/Witten and Polchinski books, but more advanced than Zwiebach making it a really great book. Moreover, it has worked out examples! It's a great book and I am excited to go through it.

Esther is great! I should return the favor by getting her some QFT/Cosmology/Supersymmetry books that we don't have yet. Then we would be even.


  1. You're such nerd! But in the end, sounds like a great book and now I am jealous!!
    String Theory is SO very Romantic ;)

  2. In defense of Esther she did a lot more traditional Valentine's Day Stuff too. The string theory book was just an extra.


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