Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Physics Reports

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I found another great place to keep up on good physics reviews: Physics Reports. They seem to do a great job of posting good review articles on a wide range of topics.

Recently I viewed one of the best review articles on Dark Matter I have ever read: "Particle dark matter:evidence, candidates and constraints" by Gianfranco Bertone, Dan Hooper and Joseph Silk.

As the title suggests they start off describing the evidence of dark matter. I was shocked how much there was. Too bad they published before this last cluster merger experiment, they would for sure have included that too.

They then show what properties dark matter should have and what some good candidates are. This is where things got really good. They described supersymmetry and showed that the lightest supersymmetric particles make perfect dark matter candidates. What's also great is that the lightest supersymmetric particles are stable so they should be floating around if supersymmetry is correct. I was really impressed with there account of supersymmetric candidates and why they are likely.

Lastly, the article talk about observations which tell us some constraints and ways we could detect them. Again, I hand it to those experimenters for being so ingenious.

It was a great article. I encourage everyone to read it and much more from Physics Reports.

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