Saturday, February 24, 2007

Eternal Inflation and its Implications

As most of you know the Eternal Inflation Model is my favorite. (Hence the name of this blog). I am intrigued by it and hope to study it more closely in graduate school.

I found another great introductory paper on this topic by Alan Guth, father of inflation himself, called: "Eternal Inflation and its Implications."

Topics include:
  • What inflation does for cosmology.
  • Some experimental evidence of inflation.
  • Differences with his model verses Linde's model.
  • How inflation works.
  • Implications of String Theory Landscape and Multiverse. (Very interesting).
  • Difficulties in calculating probabilities.
  • The youngness paradox: Why so few other advanced civilizations.
  • Possible beginning of inflationary model altogether.
Anyways, it is a great article. Between Eternal inflation and the role of supersymmetry in Cosmology I really am starting to get some greet ideas for graduate school.

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