Monday, February 19, 2007

Dell's Most Requested Item: Support Linux

Dell has a webpage devoted to their user's requests called Dell Idea Storm. The most requested feature is to put pre-installed Linux on their computers. If Dell started selling their computers with Linux pre-installed and fully supported that would be revolutionary. One of the biggest hurdles Linux faces is this: people have to install Linux and configure it to work with their hardware themselves. It can be a major pain in the neck so if Dell did this for you it would really help.

My prediction is still be in force: by 2008 Linux will be standardized, via the Linux Standard Base, enough that major vendors can begin making every piece of their software work on Linux that currently works on Windows and Macs. Then after two more years of this, by 2010, Linux will offer an open source alternative which rivals all other OS's.

Linux will Just Work in all ways Windows does and Dell will pre-install it for you!

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