Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Proposed Test For String Theory

Those of you who attended my lecture already heard this since I talked briefly about the Physical Review Letter put out. For the rest of you here is the run down:

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University; the University of California, San Diego; and The University of Texas at Austin have developed a test of string theory. They calculated constraints for W-Boson scattering experiments based on basic things which String Theory should not violate such as Lorentz invariance and Unitarity. If these scattering constraints are violated than String Theory cannot be valid in its present form. On the other hand, if they hold, then String Theory will have passed its first test! That still won't prove it true however. These W-Boson scattering experiments should be able to be done in the near future at somewhere like CERN.

Here is the Science Daily report and the link to the Physical Review Letter.

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