Thursday, January 25, 2007

Random Free Bread

In a display of just how totally unexpected life can be sometimes, at about 5 PM MST, random free bread was found in a little room next to Nan's office. And this wasn't just any bread - this was really good free bread. I got a loaf of some delicious bread with lots of pepper and garlic in it. And this wasn't just any loaf of bread. It must have weighed at least two pounds. Others made off with several loaves - Jared had at least 5 pounds of bread divided into a round, a loaf, and several peices of flat cheesy bread.


Now, you may be saying to yourself, "there's no such thing as random free bread, especially not it those quantities," but I tell you it was real! We may never know why the bread was there or why we were lucky enough to be partakers of the bread. We may never understand the indiscriminate appearance of large quantities of delectable sustenance for the consumption of our impoverished selves. The important thing is not to understand why random free bread appeared. The important thing is to cherish the memory of the delicious morsels of garlic laden manna.

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