Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Let the Search Begin!

Ohhh, the pain of trying to find a school that hosts a summer research program for undergraduates. Okay, that's not the real problem. The difficulty is that I want to do String Theory and guess what...there's no one that wants to take undergraduates to do String research. Sure it's difficult, blah, blah, blah, you're supposed to know QFT and GR and everything else in between but, hey, I feel that I am pretty qualified. Before you know it Trogdor comes along and BURNINATES my chances (oh, professors can be so cruel).

(to download Trogdor's nifty theme song click here and go to "songs" and look for "Trogdor")

The irony of it all is that the websites of these so-called "institutions of higher learning" are no help either. I can't find anything. In fact, Google struggles and Google knows EVERYTHING!! (Well, not everything but you know what I mean...I am writing this to vent you know.) So I surf around and can't find contacts or researchers very easily. I am having to go to a specific school's website and search for particular professors. There is an Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) website (and the String pickings are slim there), but I cannot find a centralized Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) site. My life is so difficult!

Boy, people are going to see all my posts and think that all I do is complain. I don't...well I guess I do complain a lot but this is how I vent and I am banking on the off chance that some great Unification Physicist happens to Google into this blog and will find this poor, stifled and very promising undergraduate to help them solve the TOE problem. :)

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  1. So Jared, is Trogdor's existence on the same level as string thoery?

    Here would be a good Strongbad Question:
    What would Trogdor's string theory song be?

    Burninating dimentions, so we can't see em,
    Burninating the Dilaton, so it stays hidden,
    Trogdor!!! Trogdor!!! Trogor!!!

    He was once 10 dimensional, but now he is compactified!!!! Trogdor!!!

    Well in all this I guess if we can't detect string theory we can blame it all on Trogdor. And for your REU problem, unleash Trogdor on the poor professor peasants.


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