Wednesday, August 11, 2010

English Teachers Avert Your Eyes

I'm not a big fan of spelling.  Whoever decided how words are spelled in English was either drunk or sadistic.  As far as I'm concerned spell-checking software is one of the greatest achievements of modern civilization.

That being said, some level of proficiency in written English is really not too much to ask, especially for some words.  From Yahoo!'s news blog:

The thump you just heard is the sound of an English teacher dying of despair.


  1. "Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?" - George Bush.

    Actually, I'm sorry to pick on George Bush, but while I'm at it, this is my favorite of all of his quotes.

  2. A brilliant product idea! A spell checker for a paint sprayer. I'll be rihc!

  3. Oh man, Joseph, that quote is just so bad! Poor President ineloquent.

    You know one of my biggest pet peeves in the academic community is the numerous papers submitted to conferences and journals from other countries who clearly did not ask anyone to proof read their paper.

    I get this task, er opportunity, to review paper submissions. Seriously, if you do not have access to a native English speaker hire one, or send it to someone...please! I categorically reject papers if it meets my arbitrary threshold of bad grammar and/or spelling. At a university no less, you'd think SOMEONE there spoke decent English ::shakes head::

    :: gets of soapbox ::


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