Wednesday, August 11, 2010

College Football Players Want Playoffs... Just Don't Take Away The Bowl Games.

ESPN just conducted a confidential survey of current football players to find out how they feel about having a playoff system.  I found the results quite interesting, especially because whether you were on a BCS team or not seemed to be irrelevant for what your opinion would be.  From the above mentioned article:
In College Football Confidential, we polled 135 players from across the country. The panel we convened consisted of 72 players from BCS schools (63 from non-BCS conferences). Thirteen of our voters played in a BCS game last year, and 24 finished the year in the Top 25.
What we found was that players want a playoff -- but don't dare take away their bowl games (and the accompanying gift bags). --- Emphasis added.
Here are the results from the survey:

I happen to agree with the players.  On one hand I would be interested in the outcome of a playoff system of some type.  But you better not take away my bowl games either!!!

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  1. Great post - it's nice to see a little data injected into a sports every now and then.

    I know I'm in the minority here, but I actually liked the previous system that didn't even pretend to crown a "national champion" - although a number of polls did. With 120 teams playing only 13 or 14 games, its impossible to really determine a champion and even a playoff wouldn't really select the best team since random chance plays such a large roll in the games. Let's just enjoy the quality of the games and the arguments over who is best and leave the playoffs to the NFL.


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