Sunday, August 9, 2009

Answers To Science Questions.

Dear science community,

As an scientist I am frequently asked questions like this: Is there really evidence for the big bang? How do you know black holes exist? How big are quarks? Why do scientists insist evolution is true? Etc...

As a result, I am going to publish an ongoing series I am calling Answers To Science Questions with the intention of answering such important questions. I will try to respond to frequently asked questions such as the above at least once a week.

Furthermore, with these Answers I will state what scientists actually know about these topics. There need not be any fear that I will be just another person watering down/spinning science to fit some pet theory. What I write will be just as mainstream as anything you will find in the peer reviewed literature.

With that being said, I also hope these Answers will be very enlightening, thought provoking and bring joy about the wonders of science to the scientific community.

Joseph Smidt

PS. If anyone has a particular question you want answered just let me know. Below I will try to stay current on topics covered thus far.

Big Bang:


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