Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh Yes Wyoming!

Disclaimer: If you don't enjoy watching Seinfeld re-runs, you probably won't find this interesting. You have been warned.

Some of you may remember that about 10 years ago Jerry Seinfeld was on top of the world. His TV show was the top-rated comedy on TV and he was getting paid millions of dollars to do his stand-up routines to sold out crowds. So American Express gave him free-reign to make his own set of "commercials" starring himself and a cartoon version of Superman voiced by Patrick Warburton (who played Puddy on Seinfeld and was the voice of Kronk in The Emperor's New Groove). Here's my favorite of those "commercials":

My wife and I have an on-going joke when we have nothing to do that we should go see "Oh Yes Wyoming". Living as close to Wyoming as I ever hope to reside, we appreciate just how silly it is to exclaim "Oh Yes Wyoming".

Well it turns out some similarly demented individuals decided to at least record a full version of the theme to "Oh Yes Wyoming", complete with a couple of jokes for the Seinfeld fans out there.

And don't worry if you didn't enjoy that as much as we did - that's probably healthy.

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  1. I am another Seinfeld fan, however I never enjoy Jerry Seinfeld's commercials as much as the real show.

    Best Seinfeld ever is when they think Jerry and George are gay. ("Not that there is anything wrong with that." <- This last sentence is a quote from the episode, if you didn't find it funny it's because you haven't seen the episode.)


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