Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One More Believer in Google Voice

When I read Joe's post on Google Voice, I was a little skeptical of a web service that could act as a portal to your telephone. Well, I have tried it and I am convinced. I suggest you all sign up as soon as you can.


  1. Good for you Nick. One of these days Google Voice, or things like it will revolutionize telecommunications. Maybe not much, but some things will change in a way that makes the "old ways" seem as yucky as the days seem where to call someone you had to be connected by an operator every time..

  2. Here's one very practical use for Google voice that my wife pointed out. We both have cell phones with non-local numbers instead of a home phone number, so were never quite sure what to put in our ward directory entry. Now with Google voice we can simply get a local number that will ring both of our phones.

  3. It's great except for one thing, you have to already have a phone, a phone line or a cell phone plan. It would have been great a few months ago when UNC still provided free phone service, but now that they have discontinued it we had to get our own (VoIP phones are great especially if you have free high speed internet!).

    So I might check out Google Voice, but at the moment it is just another number in addition to the one I already have which already gives me unlimited local and long distance calling.

  4. Ryan,

    Google Voice is not a phone service - it's a portal to phone service. You will still have to connect via some sort of phone (landline or mobile) to get into to the system, but with Google Voice you can reroute phone calls and voice mail the way we currently reroute e-mail using forwarding. I have at least 5 e-mail addresses that I use for various purposes but I route them all to only two accounts. Google Voice can do the same thing by routing calls to whatever phone happens to be most convinient at the time, as well as integrating phone and e-mail systems far more than has been done in the past.

    Basically, it's not going to change the phone you use, but it will change the way you use it.


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