Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Football + Art = Beauty

From the Deseret News comes a report of a couple from Huntsville, Utah that have taken their passion for college football, combined it with art, and made something very beautiful. Behold the wonder:

If you look closely, you'll see that this scene from the 2006 BYU vs. Utah football game isn't a painting or a photo - it's a mural made entirely from painted golf tees.

That's right painted golf tees. Don't worry, I didn't believe it either until I saw the close up.According to the Deseret News story, the mural is 232 rows by 451 collumns of tees and took something like 400 hours of work to complete. And it's shear beauty brings a tear to my eye.

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  1. Wow, Nick, that's really incredible. It's amazing how creative some people are. Seriously, it takes a special person to:
    a.) Think of something like that
    b.) make it happen is such a pleasing way.

    And if you are going to be creative you might as well do something themed around BYU and football. Anybody else excited for when we massacre Oklahoma?

    Anyone else


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