Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Interesting Ted Talk.

This one is by Stewart Brand. I thought it was interesting for 4 reasons:
  1. He shows how efficient and innovative the "slums" of countries like India are. He points out how over a billion people, or ~1/6 of the world lives this way. (Meaning more people relate to this style of living then our fancy pants American one.) It's really interesting.
  2. He is pro-nuclear energy. (I know some of our readers would be interested in that.) He has some interesting things to say about this and how he thinks nuclear is important for a "green" economy.
  3. He stresses the importance of bio-engineered food in helping alleviate many problems in the world, especially in 3rd world countries. He thinks environmentalists and scientists against bio-engineered food are being unscientific and harmful.
  4. Points out how bio-engineering could help with climate issues. For example, he notes how a volcano that erupted in the 1990's dropped the average temperature by 0.5 degrees and how humans could replicate things like that.
Anyways, I found this interesting and hope you enjoy.

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