Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hidden Sector and the Human-Centric View

James Wells, a BYU alumni!!!, and professor at the University of Michigan gave the particle talk this week. (I will try to write about past talks by Howard Georgi, Michael Dine and Kip Thorne that were interesting as well as Michael Turner coming up.)

His talk was about the "hidden sector" a theoretical realm were matter exists that doesn't interact with ordinary matter at all, except through gravity.

If the above statement sounded like "dark matter" good! Having a hidden sector may solve problems with dark matter, supersymmetry braking, brane and bulk physics, etc...

During the talk he said a statement like "If we get beyond a human-centric view of the universe, it becomes more plausible that something like the hidden sector might exist."

To me that statement was very profound. How much of reality is distorted because we naturally take a human-centric view of our universe.

For example, it is a western-centric view that causes people to look at non-western societies as savages. Viewing such societies as savages make you mis out on so much you can learn from them. The earth-centric view caused many of the past to mistake the earth for the center of the universe. You know what havoc that led to.

So, back to my point: What are we missing out on, as societies, because we look upon the universe with a human-centric view? Could there be so much more out there to discover and enjoy, if we could move past always looking at our surroundings with a human-centric view? Maybe not, but it is the question I have been pondering.

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