Thursday, May 31, 2007

Google Just Layed A Smackdown

Remember my Google OS prediction? Well, Google just took the next step. They released Google Gears. They even open sourced it! (Which is key)

Google Gears is software that lets you take your application and make it run in your web browser while you are both online or offline. It will also be good when you have a connection that constantly goes on and off . (A bad connection)

Why is this going to revolutionize Google? Because Google wants people to use the web as their operating system in the future. By open sourcing this code, people will be able to take applications and make them run in the web browser both online and offline. Furthermore, you can have your application hosted by Google.

For example:
  1. Let's say I develop this amazing software, say an music player, and want others to use it.
  2. Let's say further I want people to be able to use this online or offline from any web browser in the world.
  3. I can download Google gears, and use the source code and Api's to make my application do just this.
  4. Next, since I want it to be accessed through the web, I can host my application on Google.
  5. Through Google Code, I can collaborate with hundreds of other developers who can work on my project with me to make it better. The open source way.
  6. If my music player gets big enough Google may work out a deal with me to make my music player their official music player. They may even hire me to develop it full time for them.
  7. After thousands of such acquisitions we have a fully open sourced Google OS!!!
Also see article by PC Magazine.

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