Saturday, June 2, 2007

More Exciting Particle Rumors!

Tommaso Dorigo, a collider physicist and blogger, is letting out a rumor that there may have been a 4-5 sigma detection of a particle around 180 GeV of mass. If tis is the case, as he explains, it could very well be a supersymmetric particle. I am excited to see if this is more than a rumor since 4-5 sigma is serious business.


  1. Hello,

    unfortunately my post was read by many but commented by few. I did not get more information through the blog, but I know the 4-sigmas are statistical only, and there are large systematics. The problem with these all-jet signatures is that we do not yet understand very well the QCD production of multiple heavy flavor final states... Nonetheless, there is enough to keep us awake.



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