Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Real Problem With Being Anti-Evolution

As you know there are many people who spend a lot of time and effort trying to prevent people being educated about evolution. Many religious people even go so far as saying the Lord will send you to hell if you start believing in evolutionary principles. Unfortunately there is at least one major area where this poses a significant problem: The medical industry.

I'll start this out talking about an experience I had today. I was working with a volunteer as I usually do and asked what he does. He says he does immunology research at BYU. I asked what is the main reason it is so hard fighting certain diseases and he said it is this:

Microorganisms evolve too quickly in some cases for effective treatments to stay effective. He said with some dangerous organisms he has seen that in as early as five generations there has been a mutation which allows the organisms to have evolved into something resistant to the treatment. (See The Above Comic)

So I asked him what would happen to research on treatments if evolution was not taught. He said all effective research would stop working if researchers did not do there research based on evolutionary principles.

So there you have it. Stop educating people about evolution, and kiss goodbye all drugs that are effective in stopping diseases caused by microorganisms.


  1. So does this mean that within a few generations humans will be immune to pollution, pesticides and other things so we really don't have to worry about them because in a few years our bodies will have adapted to their presence in our environment? So "going organic" means that you are anti-evolution because you are refusing to let evolution make you stronger?

  2. rt-d2,
    Though it usually takes longer than a few generations, given enough generations there may be a mutation which spreads throughout humanity which allows humans to be among various types of polluting gases without getting sick.
    Being as we are not single celled organisms it would probably takes hundreds if not thousands of generations however.

    But as for your other concern: Yes, anyone who is into "going organic" is extremely anti-Evolution and hates America. :)

  3. Tiffany Taylor, a friend of mine, posted this in response to this blog:
    "Evolution....WARNING: THIS IS PURELY SPECULATION. If you think about it, God's time is not our time. So what could've taken millions of years in our time could've taken six days in God's time. And He didn't exactly specify how He made man, other than from dust--but could He have made everything from dust (aka matter?), based on evolutionary principles, perhaps? Also, if you think about it: Are gods made in six days our time? If that is our ultimate destiny, I think it's taking me more than a quick blow into a handful of dust. It potentially will take millions of years for me to "evolve" into a goddess from our perspective on time. Yet in God's time--who knows? Spiritual growth is a process--everything that grows and progresses is part of a process or evolution. So who knows? We may not have it quite right, but I don't think we have it all wrong, either."
    ---Smart girl, huh?!

  4. Thanks Tiffany for your comment. You'll have to share it with your gospel doctrine class. Even better: Relief Society. :)


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