Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Warren Jeffs Not A Prophet: I'm not surprised.

According to KSL and Deseret News Warren Jeffs admitted in jail that he is not a prophet and worked his way to the top. Furthermore, he planned to give the announcement to his following but has since held back. This conversation in jail has been officially recorded and is now permissible as evidence in court.

I've always wondered what will happen to a religion when the head leaders spill the beans that their beliefs are false and that all those "testimony meetings" and "spiritual confirmations" were bogus, despite how appealing the testimonies of their most trusted associates like mom dad and grandma were. It looks like now I may find out.

And the really sad thing is: how many people have been dooped? How many have been forced into polygamous marriages, forced to be deprived of an education, forced to hate people not like them since "only their church members are the truly righteous," forced to miss out on what the world has to offer and forced to live in a way the leaders prescribe, even when the leaders know it is false. These were human beings with as much right to live an autonomous life as anyone else and they have had all their rights striped from them and told: "If you don't believe it is because you don't have the spirit in you life, and you wouldn't have the spirit only if you were not worthy of it." Warren Jeffs is *NOT* on my good list.

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