Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Popularity of Global Warming

As we all know, Rush Limbaugh is pretty much the source of all truth, especially when it comes to global warming. For those of you that are skeptical, I would like to point out that it was cold out today. Never mind the fact that it's been an unusually warm spring. It was cold out today, and that's that. Cold day = No Global Warming. Amen.

It appears, however, that a growing number of Americans are being fooled by the liberal myth that is global warming. A survey by some left-wing wacko university that nobody respects (Yale) said that 83% of Americans say global warming is a "serious problem" and that 62% of Americans agree with the statement that the US "is in as much danger from environmental hazards, such as air pollution and global warming, as it is from terrorists". We definitely need more reasonable voices like Rush's telling us to sleep easy and leave our SUV's running all day long to conteract this growing falsehood. Long Live Rush!

On a serious note, while I may be a little more concerned about a terrorist than CO2, I am glad to see that people are coming around to the facts about global warming despite people like Rush Limbaugh who ignore the science, and despite alarmists who like to make claims like "if we don't shut down all power plants now, we'll be overrun by man-eating mutant bananas is 5 years or less!"

(Don't you love this picture? It's amazing what you can find on Google's image search.)

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  1. No Nick you have it all wrong, it is the mutant Leprechauns we should be worried about. There after our oil I tell you. You know, the one's Rush sees from the painkillers he obtained illegally due to his admitted drug addiction.


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