Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Good Argument Against Getting an Education

Les Miles (right) is the head football coach at Louisiana State University and the highest paid state employee in the state.  He makes approximately $3,751,000 a year.  He actually said the following at a press conference following his team's win again the University of West Virginia:
There would be a real want, that is, a competing that would happen, which it would, without the need to be compliant or reluctant to not give up that which is the ball, or the things like it, such as the field goals, or even the punt return and defense thereof, and that's keeping the game short and helping the general construction of success as it relates to our football team.
 If there ever was a good argument against education - specifically grammar and basic communication skills - Les Miles is it.


  1. No, he never said that. Spencer Hall wrote that satirically. 

  2. Ummm, rebuttal from Nick? Did he really say this or not?

    I suppose the man is a football genius so it doesn't much matter in any case.

  3. Greg - Thanks for the fact checking.  I can only find one source for that quote, which you mentioned, but Spencer Hall is usually pretty good at indicating when he's just making things up (which in fairness he does pretty regularly).  I've emailed Spencer to double check, but so far I haven't received a response.  Regardless of whether that particular quote is real, Les Miles makes some pretty horrific sentences.  Some examples with better sources than mine can be seen at .

  4. By the way, the source in question can be found at


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