Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Beautiful Sun

Astronomy has its disadvantages but the beauty of its images sure isn't one of them.
Click to embiggen.

Hat tip to APOD and Italy.


  1. Nick,

    That is an amazing picture. And because astro pictures our so good, I would think funding astronomy pays big dividends in making the public happy with science funding. I mean, in all honesty, if the government threw billions at science and didn't get pretty pictures to show for it I really believe the public would be much more angry and cynical toward funding science.

    PS. I would like to be able to endure the heat and take a compase to the Sun and see the crazy things it does with the chaotic magnetic fields and all. :)

  2. Here's another set of pretty sun photos: Link

  3. Jared,
    I'm a big fan of Alan Friedman's work. He has a number of really great images you can check out here.


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