Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Recession Has Finally Caught Up To UCI's Physics Department.

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I have never had to pay any extra student fees at UC Irvine because the physics department has always covered them out of their own pocket.  I guess the recession has finally caught up to the department as, starting next year, the physics department will no longer be covering our fees out of their pocket.

However, only TAs and graders are affected as research assistants still have this covered somehow.  So personally I am still safe! :)

Here is the email:
Dear Graduate Students,
Every quarter, graduate students are assessed $256.50 in local fees (see below). Students who are hired as GSR's (Graduate Student Researcher) have this fee covered through GSR remission paid from the research grant, which covers 100% of fees and tuition. Unfortunately this does not apply to TA's and readers/graders. TA's and readers/graders receive only a partial fee remission, which does not include the local fees. In the past, the department has covered the cost of these local fees from our graduate student fellowship budget. A deficit in the graduate student fellowship fund has arisen because of the current university budget reductions, and as a consequence the department can no longer pay for the cost of the local fees. This is a regrettable but necessary decision.
Effective Winter 2011, graduate students hired as a TA or reader/grader will be responsible for covering their own local fees each quarter. Fees for Winter 2011 are due December 15. Information, as well as a detailed explanation of the fees and tuition, is provided below.

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  1. Excuse me if I don't shed any tears for you and the other students of UC-Irvine. CU's graduate student fees are over $400 per semester until you become a doctoral candidate when the drop to about $250 and it is actually a violation of state law to use research grant money to pay student fees, so we're all stuck paying them - and the current student government is trying add more.

  2. But Nick, you should be happy your student government is trying to get you to pay more fees since as you know the extra services *cough avoiding debt* they provide will be so worth it. :)

  3. CU has essentially used student fees to build all of it's recent buildings. My favorite is the "Center 4 Community" (yes that's its official name), which houses 2 coffee shops, 2 prayer rooms, and - my personal favorite - "study space" which is like a library without books or computers when the main library is being largely under-utilized.

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