Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Hat Goes Off To Google's Engineers.

I remember a day when searching the internet you had to wait for results.  Google's search is now so fast you get results as fast as you type.  Try it out: Google Instant.

Here is a company that has found a way to bring information from across the entire world to you as fast as your fingers can explain what you are looking for on the keyboard.  My hat really goes off to these engineers!  Here's to a company who can on one hand can find a business model allowing them to give away their services to free and at the same time produces mind-blowing products!


  1. I sometimes think, if I had a time machine and could bring someone like Galileo from the 17th into the 21st century, I would sit him down in front of that deceptively simple search input box, that he would weep. That image makes me feel silly as I type in "ultimate pig wrestling payson Utah" as I did this past weekend. =:)

  2. Stan,

    Ultimate pig wrestling sure sounds fun. Do you own a pig?

  3. The band I'm in played at the show.

  4. Seriously, I can't believe I used to actually have to wait until I pressed "Enter" to see my results. How did people live back then?


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