Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glad To See The Big Bang Theory Understands Proper Class Hierarchy.

As we have discussed earlier, all fields have their place in society. I'm glad to see the Big Bang Theory respects this. :)


  1. It's rather fortunate for him that she got this mixed up. No one would brag about their brother being a theoretical physicist. It's like bragging about "my brother, the IRS auditor" or saying "You know the old guy with the long, gray beard and never showers that sits on top of a mountain telling people about the meaning of life? That's my brother." (They more often pretend that you ran away as a child and have never been heard from since, or that you went off and got a respectable but unverifiable profession, like deep-sea garbage collector.) Sure, as the old guy on the mountain you have a nice view and you think you're the greatest thing on the face of the earth, but deep down no one really wonders why you spend your evenings sitting on the stairs playing Mario 64 on an emulator. ;)

  2. Oh Bill, ouch. Next time I consider growing a long beard and sitting on a mountain I'll be sure to stop myself. :)

  3. Sorry Joe. We experimentalists just have to stand up for our own. :) (All's fair in really nerdy tongue-in-cheek physics rivalries.) To be fair, though, you do seem to get all the glory.

  4. Bill, well, experimentalists do get the majority of the money so it all works out.


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