Friday, June 4, 2010

What We Can Learn From Kobe Bryant About Focus.

We've already debated whether Kobe Bryant is a great player or the greatest player ever to touch the face of the earth.  Perhaps this video gives us a better understanding of just why that may be.

For those fortunate enough to watch the Lakers hand Boston a loss in game one of the finals last night, (102-89) you may have noticed the above clip.  Things like this are why Kobe is mentioned in the same category as the other great players who went before him. (I say went before as nobody else currently can compare.  Tell me when Lebron can actually make it into a finals.)

But even if you aren't a Kobe fan, you have to admit, having this level of focus is amazing.  Chris Rock is right in his ear and he isn't even phased at all.

I think the only time I ever had this kind of focus was the week before the candidacy exam here.  I was so focused I didn't eat, sleep or anything else I probably should have been doing.  I just consontrated 100% on passing the exam, and it payed off. (However, if Chris Rock showed up at my door, I would have have a hard time ignoring him.)

The picture below is yet another Kobe record he acquired this year: (Along with Phil Jackson.)

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  1. I guess I missed the Kobe greatest player debate. The one hang up for me is the obvious - Michael Jordan. In terms of raw talent, I think they are at about the same level, but Michael proved himself over the length of his career. I think Kobe has that potential, but hasn't quite gotten there yet.

    Anyway, that focus is amazing! The only time I get like that is when I'm trying to debug code. In that mode I wouldn't hear a hurricane!


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