Thursday, June 3, 2010, And Fun With Abstracts For Theoretical Physics

If you've ever seen a title and abstract for a theoretical physics paper, you are going to love this.  It's called, and hosts titles and abstracts for fake theory papers.  The above title and abstract is one example.  It's completely fake and randomly generated by the site's author David Simmons-Duffin using trends from the real

I must say it is pretty clever.  Honestly, many of these titles and abstracts look pretty similar to what is actually posted on the real physics pre-print site. (Though obviously wouldn't pass peer review.)  It just goes to show how crazy the theory literature can be.   This article is even co-authored by Feynman, Heisenberg and Higgs! Obviously the fake ones of course. :)


  1. I hope that the vocabulary of my theories is clear enough in order to make simple to understand that they are not fake :) . Anyway time is with me and since I did publish them (2006, knowing that I continue to expose them), I did not receive any refutation following the rules; because sometime some like to write me that they do not like my work, but they do not have any logical argument (because I try to know what could be wrong in order to improve my work): I should write that this is rather the fact that I use the notion of God in my work which pushes some to attack me, so nothing really scientific.

  2. Cartesian,

    Did you publish in English, French or another language?

  3. As a book I did publish in French; but if need be, I can do it in an other language, the only problem is some things need to be changed in order to correspond more to the culture going with the language and I do not like to work too much for free because after some persons do think that the work does not cost anything (and with that it is not easy to build a family); also in order to be well accepted in an other culture it is better to have some persons of this culture who are participating.


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