Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Resurrecting Old Species, Life on Mars and The Suns.

Three news stories struck me as interesting:

Scientists Rebuild Wooly Mammoth Blood

Scientists have already "resurrected" an extinct goat through cloning.  Now, it looks like scientists have used ancient DNA of a Woolly Mammoth to rebuild the extinct creature's blood.

Look, I know I should be more skeptical, but I just may live to see the day when Jurassic Park is more of a reality.

NASA cites new evidence for life on Mars.

This is another one of those "I hope to see before I die" things.  I'm sure there is life outside of planet Earth.

It really doesn't make sense that there wouldn't be, unless you are a skeptical extremist.  I say extremist because on one hand the evidence supporting the idea is mounting (the above link is one example) and then there's that whole Copernican Revolution from which good scientists learn that they shouldn't consider this Earth as "the one special place in all the cosmos". (And the cosmos is pretty big might I add.)

Suns to wear 'Los Suns' jerseys for Game 2

This is not a political statement.  No matter where you stand on this law, you have to admit the Suns wearing "Los Suns" for Cinco De Mayo in light of Arizona's new immigration law is pretty funny.


  1. I've always wanted a pet Mammoth. I hear the dwarf species makes an excellent vacuum cleaner. The larger models make great dish washers!

  2. Stan,

    The day I see pet mammoths is the day I... Let's just say it will be a happy day. :)

  3. Didn't you guys ever watch the show?!?! Sure they look cute a cuddly now but soon they're going to get mean and nasty and start eating people.

    And what's the big deal about finding life on Mars, because where there's life, there's death...and the giant, purple Martian dust devils with their wet sucking lips. *sucking noises*

    Y finalmente, no apoyo al imagracion porque si vienen demasiado imagrantes tendriamos que aprender espanol y no quiero aprender otro idioma. Solo quiero hablar ingles.

  4. Quantumleap42,

    Oh yeah, I forgot that part where people get eaten in Jurassic Park and now Hawking is telling us to beware of aliens, so.. Good points.

    Also, classic response to the immigration law! Well done: !Eso fue genial!


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