Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Famous for My Face?

We all hope to be known for something someday. In today's world being known for something means coming up in Google search results. One day I would like to be known for my research and/or my teaching, but today it turns out I am known primarily for my face. Don't believe it?
That's right. The most famous thing about me is my face. In fact, the #1 image result for "Nicholas Nelson" is this image.So if I leave no other imprint on this planet, at least the world seems to like my face.


  1. Hey, it's a good face. (Then again, I may not be the best judge of these things.)

  2. (hint: Imagine reading this comment with a Strongbad voice) That's good Nick. Whenever I google myself all I get is a bunch of pages about "tbonetanner", stories about how I died in a motocross accident, my one appearance on American Idol, and a few pictures of me drinking beer and/or surrounded by a bunch of babes I don't know. Hey at least your face is famous, about all my claim to fame is that I died! and that I'm a graduate student in philosophy at some place in Canada. I better get back to my music...I have another youtube video to record.

  3. Quantumleap42, that is funny. It's been a while since I've seen something Strongbad and reading your comment in his voice filled a void.


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