Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Government Health Plan

This comes from the office of Kevin Brady in the House (original file here). This is intended to give a map to the new government bureaucracy that we will have if the Democratic Health Care bill passes. Sigh...government bureaucracy at its best.


  1. My first thought was: did they assemble this plot in Labview?

    Second, it doesn't seem like the current health plan make anyone really happy. On the right, too much government bureaucracy. On the left, it isn't a single payer system.

    Down the middle, I've seen moderates criticize what a hodge/podge it is becoming. They favor, as do I, letting the government compete with the free market. If the government really does a poor job, there shouldn't be anything to worry about and you stay with private insurance. If the government does a better job, well the private sector deserves to loose.

    However, it isn't becoming that simple but is a grafting in of so many ideas and compromises that it just isn't as straight forward as moderates would like.

  2. My favorite part is the box just left of center that says "HIPDB". It's the on with the big X through it.

    I get the point that they are trying to make (Government run health care = Bureaucracy), but I think they had a little too much fun with this one.

  3. I disagree with you Joe. The government doesn't try to compete. It will subsidize the public option with taxes. Basically, no matter how much the public option fails, they can always use tax payer money to compensate.

    The only way they can "truly compete" is to have the public option not allowed to take any money in from taxes. Otherwise it really isn't fair competition is it. There is absolutely no way that public insurance could ever float, much less compete without being subsidized with the taxpayer.

  4. Actually Laren, the public plan will be self financing so the competition is fair. Perhaps you are concerned the free market can't compete. :)


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