Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ads For Feminist Mormon Housewives.

I turned off Adblock to view what the blog looked like to "normal people", and what did I see under the Feminist Mormon Housewives post:

That's Google's keyword search doing its job. It turns out what feminist housewives want are ads dealing with groceries since, for one thing, they need to keep their homes stocked for their husbands and kids and, for another, groceries are heavy and there might not be a man around to help.

Google, helping a sister out one ad at a time.


  1. That's hilarious! When I access the blog from my work computer (no ad-block), I usually get Amazon ads for physics textbooks and either a public service ad or some bizarre ad for something called "Quantum Religion Theory" which is apparently some guy selling books about his prophetic visions complete with physics-sounding mumbo-jumbo.

  2. Oh no, Nick... that book's not mumbo jumbo, it's true. IT'S TRUE!!

    Actually, I get the same ad.

  3. Paul Corson (the Quantum Religion Theory guy) starts off the about me section of his website with this:

    'When I was reached by the Other Side at the age of 10, I was led to experience infinity. As I entered my bedroom to go to sleep one night, I heard these words clearly in my mind: "The space on either side of the Venetian blinds – the room and the outside – are very different from each other."'

    I stand corrected Jared. Something that profound must be true.

  4. Well, if you were truly righteous you would know by now that the veil is really a set of Venetian blinds. (Opps, that's part of the great secret.)

  5. Except really righteous people call them "Kolobian" blinds. Just thought you ought to know.


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