Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can Google Save Politics?

We've all seen various things like studies, polls, "Jaywalking" and other things that scream out how uninformed the public is about political candidates and where they stand on the issues. Google may finally fix that with Google in quotes.

Now you can pick your favorite candidates and compare where they stand on which ever issues you choose. For example, I'll select Barack Obama and Mitt Romney since there is a good chance I may actually have to choose between them one day. Let's see where they stand:

1. Iraq
“I have some news for John McCain,” Obama said. “There was no such thing as al Qaeda in Iraq until George Bush and John McCain decided to invade Iraq.”
“Had there not been a surge, had Barack Obama been running the country instead, al-Qaeda would now have a safe haven in Iraq, which would have made Afghanistan's safe haven look like child's play.
2. Sports
“You have all these mementos of Abraham Lincoln, but you have this flat screen TV in there,” Obama told the crowd at the outdoor event. “I thought to myself, Now, who stays in the Lincoln Bedroom and watches sports Center?'
Romney, who was off by one year - 87 instead of 86 - on the length of the Red Sox World Series drought, replied: “Like most Americans, we love our sports teams and hate the Yankees.”
3. Idaho
“They told me there weren't any Democrats in idaho,” Obama said, after arriving to wild cheering and rock music. “I did not believe them.”
“Certainly, it was his decision to make. It was between himself and his conscience and his fellow citizens in idaho. He made the decision he thought was best. And I support his decision,” said Romney.
Well, there you go, a few more of these and we will be ready to vote! Well informed America here we come!

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