Friday, July 17, 2009

Bill Gates Releases Feynman's Lectures For Free

Though I use Linux and think the open source software model is best, I am still willing to give Bill Gates the credit he deserves.

Bill Gates has made some famous Feynman lectures free for the public!

For those who don't know, Richard Feynman was a very famous physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project, won the Nobel Prize in physics for QED, and seemed to be involved in several other famous scientific activities. Many regard him as one of the top scientific minds ever.

In 1964, at Cornell, Feynman gave a famous series of lectures on physics highlighting the character of physical law. These lectures are very fascinating and have a lot of unique insights into a variety of subjects. Feynman had the ability to understand physical principles several different ways and could explain them in fairly simple terms. The lectures are truly masterpieces.

The lectures are available for free at Microsoft's Research Website. (Here is my only critique of the whole thing: Gates runs this great charity, but finds a way to make it so that his contributions require the use of Microsoft products. Go figure.)

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