Wednesday, June 18, 2008

String Theorist Quote Of The Day

I don't know whether Lisa Randall or Raman Sundrum consider themselves string theorists, however I bet most physics would describe their +775 cited paper "Out Of This World Supersymmetry Breaking" as at least border line string theory.

In it they give several features of a good SUSY theory:
6. A desirable (though not essential) feature is testability.

Spoken like a good string theorist. :)


  1. Uggh...what are they trying to do to us?! Testability is HUGE! That's what we are looking for in the end.

  2. Trust me - testability is nothing but a headache. We have to compare our simulations to the real sun all the time and it is a pain. Observers think that just because they look at the "real" sun their data is more correct than our data.

    Testability is over-rated if you ask me. What string theory really needs is to be simulated...

  3. I defence of Randall and Sundrum, on top of being two of the most cited physicists in the world, produce models that are very much testable.

    I saw Lisa Randall speak and Caltech and Ramon Sundrum just spoke at Irvine and they talked about models which had lots of testable predictions.

    And to be honest, they really cool too.

    As for simulations, numerical physics will continue to play a larger and larger role in all of science. String theorists are slowly moving to more and more computer simulations.


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