Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Different Blogging Style

I have decided to change my blogging style. I have decided to make my blog posts more of an "outreach effort." What I mean is I think I will do a better service to the world if I try to blog about things I am learning a lot about that the general public would find interesting if somebody explained it to them on "non-technical" terms.

For example, more posts on things like, what is supersymmetry, why should we care? How do colliders work and why do we think particles exist? What are the next satellites like the Plank going to try to accomplish? What exactly about string theory is so appealing to physicists even if there is no direct evidence of it? Why are theorists obsessed with symmetries and what are the major differences between global and local symmetries? Why was 2007 dubbed “the year of the unparticle” and what is an unparticle anyways? etc...

Now I've blogged some on these subjects but I think I will try to stick to them more. I will of course have to post about major stories even if they have no outreach effect.

Mainly what will change is no more opinion type posts. I have said in the past that I post about controversial opinions because I learn when I hear other people's point of view on things. I never bring up something controversial to cause a fight or try to take a shot at someone, honestly, they are cries for: "These thoughts have been on my mind, what you think?" The truth is I am always deep in thought about various things and would like to pick someone's brain, especially someone who I know will give me a taste of the other side of the story.

The reality is nobody comments on these posts so I don't gain anything from them. (Except sometimes.) The reality is also, there are a lot of very smart people in the world but not very many of them will debate sensitive subjects publicly. Moreover, having an empty opinionated post on the web doesn't really benefit society.

So, in the future I will try to live up to this "outreach" style. Hopefully you will see more posts about interesting things that you were glad somebody put in non-technical terms, with the occasional slip if there is something too interesting or humorous to pass up, even though it has nothing to do with outreach.

I want to thank all those who have contributed to the blog. I promise, I have learned more from you all then you could ever know. Thanks. :)

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