Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Contributers?

Going along with my “outreach” idea, I wanted to open the floor to any who would like to have someone join the blog who could do a good job bringing technical issues down to a non-technical level.

I would really love the blog to be a helpful thing for society. I know it will never be on the same level as the Wikipedia, but surely, with the amount of talent in us and in those we know we could make this blog beneficial for the layman if we really wanted to.

I don't know anybody in particular, or maybe you are against the idea, but I just decided to throw that out there.

This is a group blog and I won't do anything that you all don't want to see happen.

PS. Don't think I am asking you all to adopt an outreach style to your posting. I honestly want you guys to do what you think is best. I personally love all your posts.


  1. I would be fine with additional bloggers. I think we should probably stick to people we know rather than just going fishing, but aside from that, from my point of view, anybody that would like to sign up is welcome.

  2. "I think we should probably stick to people we know"

    I completely agree. I like the fact that we are friends in addition to being bloggers.


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