Saturday, January 26, 2008

Still A Vi Man!

I have blogged about the vi text editor before. Since then I have tried multiple platforms for doing LaTeX and C/C++/Fortran programming. (I was hoping to loose the C/C++/Fortran programming but it turns out everybody uses it, even theorists, unless they don't compute the predictions of their theory.)

Alas, here are my favorite platforms:

C/C++/Fortran Programming:
  1. Vim 7
  2. Eclipse (Eclipse is a powerful well funded open source IDE that can do anything with plugins. This is probably the future of open source programming. Big companies are putting lots of funding and manpower into its development.)
  1. Vim 7 with the auctex macros. (AucTeX macros for Vi are amazing! If you haven't tried them you haven't truly known what it is like to be alive.)
  2. Texmaker (I still use this when I need to look up symbols or use wizards).
  3. Kile (Probably the most beefed up LaTeX platform).
  4. Eclipse with TeXlipse.
Yet, at the end of the day, using vi I am most productive. Give me a terminal, with tabs, the above macros and my ever growing knowledge of all of the vim features and I can do things better than with anything else.

There is still a side of me that wants to learn eclipse really well since it is the open-source platform that companies are putting all their money and resources into and is becoming a very powerful IDE. However, this old terminal based vi editor is running laps around them all.

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  1. Joe, I congratulate you on staying true to the principles of truth and goodness that brought us to vi in the first place. Here at CU most of my research group uses Emacs, but I have resisted their pressure and persecution. Today, I am still a vi man. I continue to embrace the power of the vi editor and shun the siren's call of GUI's.

    Long live vi!!!!


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