Sunday, December 23, 2007

Some Late-Night Physics Humor

Chalk this up to me being up way past my bedtime, but I had a brainstorm, and yeah...

Some particle physics vocabulary:

As anyone who has tried to explain the standard model to elementary physics students can attest, trying to help people understand the whole "particle zoo" can be, well, a zoo. Now, however, we can explain simple particle physics vocabulary using intuitive, classical examples:


Not to worry, Joe, this can also be applied to more advanced super-symmetric ideas:

Anyways, the possibilities (of what can actually be considered funny at one in the morning) are endless (and actually quite scary).


  1. That is pretty funny Bill. Turns out sleptons are

  2. Sorry, my comment posted too early.

    Yeah, particle physics is a zoo. I really have a hard time telling people physics is pretty at fundimental levels since high energy physics is all about coming up with new symmetries which of course must all be broken in the real world.

    Having a million broken symmetries creates one particle zoo and in addition makes the real world seem like one messy place.

    But the sleptons are cool, and there are lots of fun you can have with the name.


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