Sunday, December 23, 2007

BYU Wins On Last Second Block

BYU beat UCLA in the Las Vegas Bowl last night by a score of 17-16 on a dramatic, last-second play. As is becoming the Cougars standard mode of operation in big games, the Cougars almost blew their chance for victory by allowing the Bruins to drive from their own 2 yard line all the way to the BYU 13. The Bruins lined up for a their attempt with 3 seconds left and somehow 280 pound defensive linemen Eathyn Manumaleuna was able to jump high enough to get his hand on the ball and block what would have been the game winning field goal. Below is ESPN's version of what happened.

Go Cougars!

1 comment:

  1. It shouldn't have had to be so close. BYU gave up 7 points just seconds before the end of the first half because the decided not to just take a knee and end the half. Instead they try to run a play, fumble, and allow UCLA to score. That;s 7 points UCLA should not have had.

    Other than that, I was pleased with the result. :)


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