Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mac OSX Leopard Ships October 26

For those interested, Apple has announced the new Mac OSX Leopard will ship on October 26, 2007.

I think they choose this date because they need something to compete with Ubuntu's Gutsy Gibbon which will be released October 18, 2007. You will also note Apple stole Ubuntu's idea of having a countdown on the website.

I think Linux should start suing people like Apple for stealing intellectual property!!!


  1. I wonder how that case would work.

    Attorney for the plaintiff: "Your Honor, we present this complaint against Apple Incorporated, Corporation XYZ, Company ABC, John Doe, Jane Doe etc. for infringement of intellectual property."

    Judge: "Isn't it true that you represent a company that deals with open source?"

    Attorney: "Yes Your Honor."

    Judge: "Let's think about this for a moment....Case dismissed with prejudice on philosophical grounds." Gavel.

  2. I don't care when or how they release it, I just want them to hurry up and release it so I can buy a lovely new iMac.

    You have to love those 20" screens.


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