Friday, August 3, 2007

The Daily KOS

The Washington Post has an article describing how republicans in the 1990s gathered behind Rush Limbaugh and created a force loud enough that Limbaugh deserves some credit for republican success. Where is the democratic community building up its forces? Answer: the Daily Kos.

The Daily Kos is a blog/online community where democrats are uniting into a mobile force like Limbaugh's following did. The website has many contributers as is typical in the new web 2.0 online community format. Recently, they had a yearly meeting where online contributers from around the country as well as the democratic candidates themselves came together. They even applauded some of the more notorious science bloggers: (You might recognise some. I for whatever reason wasn't recognized. :( )

Not everybody likes what the Daily KOS is turning into. Bill O'Reilly has been campaigning against the Daily KOS for some time since he knows their convention is attracting a lot of attention. Here is his interview with Chris Dodd. In it Bill says the website is full of hate because of a picture, posted by one contributer, that hasn't been taken down. He furthermore accuses Senator Dodd as being a "propagandist" for not denouncing the whole cite and so "Sen. Lieberman should never talk to him again." Sen. Dodd reminds Bill O'Reilly that a study by Indiana University claims Bill makes derogatory remarks of others every 6.8 seconds on average. That's a lot of hate Bill.

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