Friday, July 27, 2007

Ubuntu Dells Selling Well, Will Expand

The Ubuntu desktops are selling better than predicted. There have been a couple of articles over the week that have made this claim,(I won't cite them) but now there is hard evidence to support this: Dell will now expand their Ubuntu product line. In addition, HP is rumored to announce it will start selling Ubuntu computers though the article below states this may not be true. (Read Further, click link)

This from Reuters:

BOSTON (Reuters) - Dell Inc (DELL.O: Quote, Profile, Research) will soon offer more personal computers that use the Linux operating system instead of Microsoft Corp's (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile, Research) Windows, said the founder of a company that offers Linux support services.

Mark Shuttleworth, who created a version of Linux software named Ubuntu, said Dell is happy with the demand it has seen for Linux PCs that were introduced in May.

Dell, the world's second-largest PC maker after Hewlett-Packard Co (HPQ.N: Quote, Profile, Research), now offers three consumer PCs that run Ubuntu Linux.

"What's been announced to date is not the full extent of what we will see over the next couple of weeks and months," Shuttleworth said an interview late on Wednesday.

"There are additional offerings in the pipeline," he said. Shuttleworth founded Canonical Inc to provide support for Ubuntu Linux.

A Dell spokeswoman, Anne Camden, declined comment, saying the company does not discuss products in the pipeline.

She added that Dell was pleased with customer response to its Linux PCs. She said Dell believed the bulk of the machines were sold to open-source software enthusiasts, while some first-time Linux users have purchased them as well.

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  1. Go Ubuntu!

    Just a quick update - I did not end up buying a Dell Ubuntu machine as I had been considering. I instead went with a Mac, but even so, I'm happy to see Linux become more widely used. Maybe someday Linux will be as easy to use and functional as Mac OS X. When that day comes, you count me among the people who'll buy a Linux laptop.


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