Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why Does The Latest News About Giuliani Not Surprise Me?

Remember how a couple months ago Giuliani claimed, essentially, that unless a republican like him were elected president then our country would not be as safe? Remember how he has touted his expertise with "The War On Terror" because he was mayor of New York?

Guiliani was asked to be a part of the Iraq study group, the group that studied how to deal with Iraq and the middle east problem. Turns out Giuliani skipped the meetings so that he could give speeches that paid him personally over $100,000 each. He was then asked to choose: come to the meetings or quit so you can give your lucrative speeches. He choose to quit.

The man who claims he can make our country safer would rather give political speeches to make himself money then attend the very meetings designed to study the middle east issue? What in the world is he thinking?

This from the New York Times:

Rudolph W. Giuliani quit the high-profile Iraq Study Group after failing to attend the group’s meetings, and financial filings showed that he chose to give two lucrative speeches on days the panel was meeting...

Mr. Giuliani left the panel after being given an ultimatum to either show up for meetings or leave the group, according to Newsday, which first reported the story...

Newsday reported that on May 18, 2006, a day the panel was meeting, Mr. Giuliani delivered a $100,000 speech on leadership at an Atlanta business awards breakfast and later attended a fund-raiser for Ralph Reed. And on April 12 last year, again when the panel was meeting, he gave a speech to a conference in South Korea for $200,000.

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