Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Breaking: Black Holes May Not Even Form!

I recieved an email today from Los Alamos; since I am still on their mailing list. An article was just approved for publication in Physics Review D that states analysis shows that black holes cannot form.

As mass contracts on the way to black hole formation, you begin to have intense pre-hawking radiation which evaporates enough of the mass quickly enough that you never get a black hole. All structuers in the universe that should be black holes are objects trying to become black holes but will never fully get there.

The analysis suggests if black holes exist they had to have been formed immeadiatly at the Big bang. This is a similar to getting to the speed of light. No matter how hard you try, you never quite get there. However if a particle could be created at the speed of light it would be able to traverse that speed.

Here is a link to an article.

Here is a portion of the email.

Information loss paradox to find black holes do not form

"Nothing there," is what Case Western Reserve University physicists concluded about black holes after spending a year working on complex formulas to calculate the formation of new black holes. In nearly 13 printed pages with a host of calculations, the research may solve the information loss paradox that has perplexed physicists for the past 40 years.

Case physicists Tanmay Vachaspati, Dejan Stojkovic and Lawrence Krauss report in the article, "Observation of Incipient Black Holes and the Information Loss Problem," that has been accepted for publication by Physical Review D.

"If you define the black hole as some place where you can lose objects, then there is no such thing because the black hole evaporates before anything is seen to fall in," said Vachaspati.

The masses on the edge of the incipient black hole continue to appear into infinity that they are collapsing but never fall over inside what is known as the event horizon, the region from which there is no return, according to the researchers.

By starting out with something that was nonsingular and then collapsing that matter, they were determined to see if an event horizon formed, signaling the creation of a black hole.

The mass shrinks in size, but it never gets to collapse inside an event horizon due to evidence of pre-Hawking radiation, a non-thermal radiation that allows information of the nature of what is collapsing to be recovered far from the collapsing mass.


  1. I am curious to see this article! This would be a pretty big advance it shows true.

  2. Why didn't the media say more about this? They love the black hole myth (?) too much?


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