Saturday, June 30, 2007

What To Look For In The Next Ubuntu Release

The next Ubuntu release is scheduled for October 18, 2007. There are a few features I am excited for.

First Compiz-Fusion. Remember the wobbly windows and cube in the last release? That was an experimental snapshot of where they are in development. The next release will contain 6 more months of development and improvement. Here are some videos of the current state of things here, here, and here. (Remember, there is still months of improving left before October.)

Second, 7.3. Currently, which controls the graphics on your screen, needs configuration files to understand your hardware. This is a pain in the neck. With the next release, there will be a hotplug that will read your hardware and all attached hardware automatically setting everything up for you without and need for configuration files.

Third, a tool for configuring your X-Server on multiple displays such extra monitors and projectors. This tool will use the hotplug feature above. It will detect the new projector/monitor and set it up for you how you would like.

Fourth, kernel improvements should prolong your battery life by about 30 minutes.

There are other features you can read about here. I am excited for the next release already. It should be followed by a major release, with long term support and extra testing and debugging, about 6 months later.

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