Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Book Endorsement

Jared endorsed a string theory book so I decided to endorse a couple books of my own. For those looking to learn Quantum Field Theory I would suggest two, the two which have been the most helpful to me:
  1. A Modern Introduction to Quantum Field Theory by Michele Maggiore. This book is nice since it is short and to the point. If you wanted a quick yet good explanation of a topic this book is good to consult. This book is also fairly inexpensive, for a textbook, if you get the paperback version.
  2. An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory by Peskin and Schroeder. This book is probably the "standard" and has all the technical details. I personally think the book makes some very good points which really are helpful.
This is how I use them. First I would read section X from Maggiore to get a good feel for the material. Again, this book will quickly inform you of the important details and results. Then I would read the corresponding section X from Peskin and Schroeder to get all the technical details and extra insights. Then I would go back to Maggiore and reread section X to make sure you have mastered all the important details and results.

Of course you should also work the problems. Maggorie has outlines on how to work the problems in the back. They are helpful especially if you are trying to learn the subject on your own.

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