Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not Reversing Global Warming May Stunt Intellectual Growth

Though this may by obvious by seeing the correlation between intelligence verses people who deny global warming, my statement is based on a real study. Early humans developed larger brains as they adapted to colder climates, according to University at Albany researchers.

So, next time somebody denies global warming and you wonder if they could be any dumber, just remember, with their attitude they will probably not get any smarter. Just wait long enough and they will soon be a lesser species. :)

Note: This is supposed to be a joke. But the above study is true.


  1. While the science may be good, the conclusions as stated by the article are very, VERY flawed. The evolution of a larger brain took place over two million years. I don't think that will be undone in the next 100 years. Additionally the circumstances in which we live have also changed producing "artificial" conditions that can promote (or hinder) brain development. This is the argument from a purely evolutionary and scientific stand point.

  2. well i have an IQ of 133, and i dont believe humans are causing global warming, and larger brains have no correlation with intelligence


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