Saturday, March 24, 2007

The New Iraq Bill Passed In The House

I really think you need to get your info strait from the horses mouth. There is a lot of political comentary on this new bill, but I wanted to show three important clips:
  1. Murtha was able to explain the bill to the house before it voted. Time: 9:06.
  2. President Bush's reaction. Time: 4:08.
  3. Murtha's reation to Bush: Time: 5:24.
I think watching all three is worth your time since you should know what is on the table and what the people most responsible, Murtha/President Bush, think.

George Bush- President of the United States of America.

John Murtha- Democrat in the House from Pennsylvania and winner of the bronze star and two purple hearts for his service in Vietnam.

This Bill requires among other things:
  1. Troop withdrawal in 2008.
  2. Money for various war related things such as troop health care and supplies for protection.
  3. Requirement for Bush to train the troops before they are sent to war as suggested by the military but not followed in this war.
  4. Requirement for Bush to let the troops have a year between deployments to Iraq as suggested by the military but not followed in this war.

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